injured during crash

There are several hidden injuries to watch for after an accident if you are involved in any sort of automobile collision. Even minor crashes can result in painful and long-lasting injuries if you do not seek the correct treatment. Concussion and whiplash are both very common, and can leave you in a lot of pain. Internal bleeding can be life-threatening if un-diagnosed. And of course, back and spinal injuries can last a lifetime without the correct treatment and physical therapy. If you have suffered an accident, it’s important to get the medical help you need as well as the legal help you need. Attorney Paul Kaushal with Kaushal Law, LLC offers free consultations and has offices conveniently located across central Indiana. He can help you get the money you deserve if you are suffering from injuries after an accident. 


Concussions occur when a violent force causes your brain to slide back and forth against the inner walls of your skull. A fall, a blow to the head, or the sudden deceleration that occurs with a car accident can all create a concussion. And often, the signs are subtle, which makes it one of the most important hidden injuries to watch for after an accident. You might notice a headache, memory loss, nausea, or inability to concentrate. While the symptoms of a concussion usually last a few days, a serious concussion can lead to permanent damage like cerebral bleeding or brain damage.


Whiplash is another of the hidden injuries to watch for after an accident. Whiplash occurs when your neck muscles are strained forcefully, and it’s especially common with rear-end crashes. Typically, whiplash leads to soreness, stiffness, and loss of motion that only lasts a few days. However, whiplash can be complicated, and sometimes can lead to permanently losing range of motion or chronic muscle stiffness. It’s important to seek medical help if your whiplash lasts longer than a week.

Internal Bleeding 

Of all of the hidden injuries to watch for after an accident, internal bleeding is the most severe. The signs and symptoms of internal bleeding are not always obvious, and sometimes when they do present it means that things are very serious. Therefore, it’s important to seek medical treatment after a crash, no matter how minor. Symptoms of internal bleeding include abdominal pain or swelling, lightheadedness, or deep purple bruising under the skin.

Back Pain

Finally, back pain can be another pervasive injury to watch for after a car crash. Back pain can be very complicated because there are so many nerves in your spine, and because you use your spine for almost all of your movement. If you experience any soreness, it’s helpful to get a medical opinion. Often, a doctor might prescribe physical therapy or exercises to help heal any spine injuries. However, if left untreated, back pain can lead to a years-long struggle for relief.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash, there are many hidden injuries to watch for after an accident. Concussion, whiplash, internal bleeding, and back pain can all lead to years of discomfort or even more serious complications if they are not caught early. Therefore, if you suffer a crash of any kind, it’s best to seek medical treatment right away. Furthermore, speak to an accident attorney like Paul Kaushal with Kaushal Law, LLC to find out what rights you have when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries. Paul can help you decide what steps to take to get the money you deserve after an accident. If you are in the Indianapolis, Kokomo, or Noblesville areas, call Attorney Paul Kaushal for your free consultation and to find out the best way to move forward after your accident.