slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries, immense pain, and significant medical expenses that can impact the entire family. Taking legal action after such an accident can often help victims recover financially and get their lives back on track. There are two ways to resolve such cases: settlements and trials. Though both have their advantages and disadvantages, it is crucial that slip and fall accident victims understand what each entails so that they can make an informed decision about which one to pursue.

The Pro: You Can Get a Quicker Outcome With a Settlement

In personal injury cases, such as a slip and fall legal claim, settlements usually resolve quicker than trials. In truth, trials can stretch out over several months or even years, causing further issues and stress for the harmed party. In comparison, settlement negotiations can usually be completed within a shorter period of time, resulting in the injured party receiving their financial recovery sooner. This can be critical if the victim is facing significant medical expenses and other economic pressures related to the accident. 

The Con: Settlements May Result in Lower Financial Recovery 

When a personal injury case is settled, the process is faster than going to trial. However, the injured party may receive less compensation than they would have received if they had gone to trial. This is because settlements are often agreed upon for a lower amount than what could potentially be awarded in a trial. The reason for this is to avoid the unpredictability that is usually linked with trials. While some may see receiving less money as a disadvantage, others may view it as a reasonable trade-off for the guarantee of a specific amount rather than the risk of walking away with nothing.

The Pro: Certainty in Settlement Negotiations

Negotiating a settlement can offer more control and predictability in personal injury cases. Both parties can discuss and agree on terms of compensation, providing a greater level of certainty than going to trial. In a trial, the final decision is up to the judge or jury, making the outcome uncertain. This level of control and assurance is especially desirable in slip and fall cases, where the injured party may want a more predictable result.

The Con: Limited Options

Another potential disadvantage of agreeing to a settlement is that it may limit the recourse options available to the injured party. After the parties reach a settlement, the injured party will usually not be able to take any further legal action against the wrongful party, even if further losses and damages emerge. 

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