When you think of an alcohol offense, you likely think first of the crime of operating a vehicle while impaired (OWI). However, OWI is not the only criminal offense involving alcohol that you can commit. There are numerous other law violations involving alcohol, and the consequences of a conviction for these can be serious. Kaushal Law’s alcohol offenses lawyer is a former Indiana prosecutor, providing a unique insight into how prosecutors attempt to prove their cases and how clients can defend against such efforts. 

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Examples of Indiana Alcohol Offenses

Besides OWI, some of the other alcohol offenses you can be charged with in Indiana include:

  • Open container violation: You are generally allowed to carry an open container of alcohol in Indiana. However, you may not do so if you are in a vehicle traveling on a public highway. You are prohibited from carrying or consuming from an alcohol container that has been opened or whose seal has been broken, even if you are not driving.
  • Minor in possession: Individuals under 21 cannot purchase or possess alcohol, even if they are not consuming it. If an 18-year-old is transporting alcohol in their vehicle, they must be accompanied by a parent. Similarly, a server under 18 cannot serve alcohol to patrons.
  • Public intoxication: While you can openly carry an alcoholic beverage in public while on foot, you cannot be intoxicated in public. You commit this offense if you are under the influence of alcohol and you:
    • Endanger your life or the life of someone else
    • Commit or are about to commit a “breach of the peace”
    • Harass another person
  • Furnishing alcohol to a minor: Not only is it illegal for a person under 18 years to possess alcohol, but it is also illegal for adults over 21 to provide alcohol or sell alcohol to a minor. Moreover, you can be criminally charged if you rent or otherwise provide property – even your own home – to allow people under 18 years to drink.

While many alcohol offenses are misdemeanors and often do not result in serving jail time, the fines associated with a conviction can be significant. Moreover, the court usually has the discretion to impose a jail sentence if the court finds the facts of your situation to be egregious, careless, or demonstrative of a calloused state of mind.

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How to Combat Alcohol-Related Charges in Indiana

Do not treat alcohol-related criminal charges dismissively just because they might be misdemeanors. Even a misdemeanor conviction can impact your employment prospects in specific industries and your finances.

If you are charged with an alcohol offense, reach out to us at Kaushal Law. Let us review your situation and the charges, and we will help formulate a defense to combat the charge and mitigate any damage or consequence if you are convicted. 

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