The Bureau of Labor Statistics routinely identifies the construction worksite as one of the most dangerous workplaces in America. But it is not just workers and contractors who face the risk of accidents on a job site. Those who must walk or drive near an active construction project are also at risk of suffering severe injuries.

The construction site is filled with contractors, subcontractors, independent contractors, and employees. Knowing who is responsible for paying compensation for your injuries can be confusing when you are hurt. For these reasons, you need the advice and advocacy of Kaushal Law, your Indiana construction accident injury law firm.

Common Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are varied, and so are the types of injuries you might sustain in and around them. The kinds of harm you could support include:

  • Head Injuries: Workers often suffer traumatic brain injuries and head and neck injuries when they fall off ladders, scaffolding, or other equipment. You and others might sustain a head injury from a falling object striking your head. You might also hit your head after tripping on debris or uneven walking surfaces and falling to the ground.
  • Crushing Injuries and Amputation: Arms or legs caught in machinery can be crushed and amputated. Being struck by heavy machinery can also lead to the loss of limbs. 
  • Broken Bones and Deep Lacerations: Heavy machinery and sharp cutting implements can inflict grave harm on negligent workers and passersby. These injuries can be life-threatening emergencies and frequently require immediate medical attention.
  • Electrical and Chemical Burns: Some worksites are home to temporary electric lines, exposed electrical wiring, and dangerous caustic chemicals. These hazards can cause severe, painful burns when precautions are not followed.

Any of these or other injuries sustained on a construction site can require extensive medical treatment and therapy. They may also require you to miss time from work to heal, adding financial stress and pressure to the physical and mental injuries these events cause.

Compensation After a Construction Accident

In a construction accident, the person responsible for causing your injury is liable to pay monetary compensation for your losses. These losses include the following:

  • Medical bills and costs associated with hospitalizations
  • Physical, rehabilitative, occupational, and other necessary therapy
  • Lost wages due to missing work
  • Emotional suffering and pain
  • Other losses and harm attributable to the accident

Independent contractors will generally be liable for the harm they cause. If the responsible party is an employee of a company, then that person’s employer will often be the one who ends up paying the compensation you are due.

Your Indiana construction accident lawyer can help identify the individuals and companies responsible for paying you compensation after your injury event.

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