Entrusting your loved one’s physical and mental well-being to a nursing home or long-term care facility is a big decision. You expect that the home staff will give your loved one the same care and attention you would provide them. But nursing homes and facilities can house dangers that can leave your loved one vulnerable to severe or fatal injuries.

The moment you suspect your loved one has suffered an injury at a nursing home, contact Kaushal Law. The matter should be thoroughly investigated to determine what happened. If negligence or abusive conduct led to your loved one’s injury, Kaushal Law could help you take appropriate action to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Types of Injuries That Can Occur at Indiana Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes try to properly care for their residents and keep them safe. Unfortunately, these facilities pose all the dangers of hospitals and other group homes and can cause significant harm to residents. For example, your loved one might suffer:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: The floors in rooms and common areas must be kept clean and free from slippery substances and obstacles. Older Americans do not have the same mobility as younger adults and cannot easily navigate around or over these hazards. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognize that falls can be debilitating or even fatal to the elderly.
  • Abuse and Neglect: Some facilities may lack proper oversight of employees. Others may be chronically understaffed. Either situation creates an opportunity for your loved one to suffer abuse or physical or medical neglect. In addition to physical injuries, these events can also cause mental and emotional harm to your loved one.
  • Medication Errors: Not only is the nursing home staff responsible for feeding and cleaning your loved one, but they may also need to administer multiple medications to them. Giving your loved one the wrong medication or the incorrect dosage can lead to disastrous medical consequences 

All these and other injuries lead back to careless or reckless choices made by nursing home staff. When your loved one suffers from such behaviors, reach out to Kaushal Law. You may have a legal cause of action against the employee and the facility, and exercising this right is crucial to your loved one obtaining appropriate compensation for their harm.

Signs of Nursing Home Injuries and Accidents

The nursing home should notify you or a designated family member if your loved one is involved in an accident. This does not always happen, though, especially in cases of abuse or neglect. Be alert for the following signs that your loved one has been involved in an accident or abusive situation:

  • Unexplained bruising or bleeding
  • Changes in mood and disposition
  • Foul smell and dirty clothing or sheets
  • Nursing home staff refusing you reasonable access to meet with and speak to your loved one

If these or other circumstances are present, do not ignore your instincts. Talk with Kaushal Law immediately about what to do and the steps you can take to safeguard your loved one.

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