Millions of Americans visit the hospital every year for injuries relating to slips, trips, and falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The injuries people sustain in these accidents can range from bumps or bruises to traumatic brain injuries. Older Americans are at an especially high risk of suffering debilitating or fatal injuries in a fall.

Property owners in Indiana are obliged to help prevent slips and falls by ensuring their premises are reasonably safe. The law may hold them accountable for damages when they do not, and this failure contributes to a slip or fall.

Suffering harm in a slip, trip, or fall accident should prompt you to call Kaushal Law. We will quickly determine if a property owner or other person owes you compensation and help you take the next steps toward recovery.

Legal Duties of Indiana Property Owners

When you set foot on another’s property, the law puts you into one of three categories depending on your purpose and authorization to be on that property. This classification determines what legal duties the property owner owes to you.

  • If the property owner invites or allows you to come onto their property to conduct business or to do something for the owner, then you are an invitee. The property owner must make a reasonable effort to locate and fix all dangerous conditions on the property. 
  • If you are on another’s property for your benefit, but with the owner’s permission, you are a licensee. By allowing you onto their property, the owner accepts the legal duty to refrain from creating hazardous conditions and warns you of hidden dangers on the property that the owner knows about.
  • You are a trespasser if you are on someone’s property without permission. The owner does not need to warn you of any dangers or fix dangerous conditions, but the owner cannot willfully harm you or increase the danger to you of being on the property.

One of Kaushal Law’s first steps in your slip and fall case is determining which category applies to your situation. Then we will examine the property owner’s actions to determine if the owner violated the legal duties they owed to you.

Be Cautious About Settling Your Case with an Indiana Property Owner

Following a slip and fall, the property owner may attempt to negotiate a settlement with you. This can take the form of either offering you cash on the spot, offering to pay a part of your medical expenses or some other offer for compensation. 

Before you accept, speak with an attorney who has your back. Kaushal Law wants you to be fairly compensated by the property owner so you can recover as much as possible. Calling Kaushal Law before accepting any settlement can help ensure your rights are protected.

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