A bite or vicious attack from “man’s best friend” can be physically violent and mentally traumatizing. Being attacked while out walking in your neighborhood can make you afraid to venture forth from your home in the future. A neighbor’s aggressive dog that enters your yard to bite you can make you feel unsafe even on your property.

Pet ownership in Indiana carries specific responsibilities, including protecting others from the pet’s dangerous or aggressive tendencies. Kaushal Law is dedicated to ensuring dog owners live up to these obligations and are held accountable for your harm if their dog bites you.

No matter the nature of your harm – physical, emotional, or both – Kaushal Law will fight to secure the compensation you need and deserve.

Indiana’s Dog Bite Statute Imposes Strict Liability on Owners

Indiana Code (IC) 15-20-1-3 states that the owner of a dog who, without provocation, bites someone acting peaceably and lawfully in any location is liable to that person for damages. These damages could include the following:

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy expenses
  • Time missed from work
  • Lost future wages, if you cannot return to your previous job
  • Counseling and mental health therapy

Indiana imposes strict liability on dog owners for injuries caused by dog bites. Strict liability means that you can hold the owner liable for damages even if the owner did not have reason to know their dog was vicious. The owner could be sued for damages even if the dog had never displayed hostile behaviors toward anyone.

Indiana Dog Bite Lawyer Can Investigate the Facts of Your Case 

There are three potential defenses a dog owner might have if sued following a dog bite. First, the owner could claim that you provoked the dog and thereby invited the attack. Rattling on the dog’s cage or fence, talking to the dog teasingly, or taunting the animal can be sufficient provocation to prevent you from recovering compensation.

The dog owner might next claim you were not acting peaceably. If you were yelling, fighting with another person near the dog, or otherwise engaged in noisy behavior, this might prevent you from obtaining a judgment in your favor. 

Last, if you were trespassing on the property where the dog bit you, you might not be successful in suing the dog’s owner. 

The circumstances a dog owner can raise deserve to be thoroughly investigated, and your dog bite attorney in Indiana can accomplish this task. Kaushal Law will review the specific facts surrounding your dog bite and thoroughly prepare your case against possible defenses the dog owner could raise.

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When to Call Kaushal Law About Your Dog Bite Case

Suppose you suffered more than minor injuries from your bite, required an emergency room visit or hospitalization, or are enduring ongoing mental trauma. In that case, you need an advocate who can stand up for you and help you obtain the justice you deserve. Kaushal Law will be there for you, speaking on your behalf and fighting for a fair and prompt resolution.

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