Property crimes are criminal offenses committed primarily against someone else’s private property rather than their person. Just because they may not cause physical injury to a person’s body does not mean the law treats these offenses lightly. A burglary, robbery, or theft of significantly-valued property can place you in jeopardy of serious penalties.

You may have one or more valid defenses in your Indiana property crime case. Let Kaushal Law’s experienced criminal defense lawyer review your situation and advise you on your options. With Kaushal Law’s resources, you can meet the prosecution’s evidence and challenge the case against you.

Examples of Indiana Property Crimes

There are a variety of property crimes in Indiana, but each of them involves an allegation that you impaired or took away an interest in property from another person. Some of the most common property crimes include:

  • Theft: Sometimes referred to as larceny, theft is any taking or possessing property of another without that person’s consent and with the intent to keep it from the owner. This can involve anything from stealing merchandise from a store without paying to embezzling funds from your employer. The value of the property taken will determine the severity of your punishment if convicted.
  • Burglary: A burglary occurs when you unlawfully enter another person’s home, a building, or other structure to steal property contained therein. You can also be convicted of burglary if you unlawfully entered another’s home or other structure to commit another crime inside. Burglaries also vary in severity depending on the exact circumstances.
  • Robbery: A robbery is the forcible taking of property from another through force or the threat of force. A thief passing a note to a bank teller demanding money or he will detonate a bomb in his briefcase is committing a robbery, even if there is no bomb and he has no intention of committing an act of violence.

Although these and other property crimes may be familiar concepts, they have specific elements that must be present before you can be convicted. Kaushal Law’s vigorous advocacy will ensure that you are not convicted of any property crime if the prosecution has not proved all the elements of that offense.

Defenses to Property Crimes

Because property crimes are so varied, your defense to these charges should be tailored to the specific facts of the alleged offense. A one-size-fits-all approach to property crimes can leave you with an inadequate defense that unnecessarily raises the chance of conviction.

Before you can be convicted of many property crimes, there must be evidence showing you acted without authorization or permission from the property’s owner. If the property’s owner gave you any approval or consent to act toward the property in a particular way, this could prove to be a powerful defense.

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